We chose the word ANATOMY because we love to look beneath the surface to discover how things work and what makes them tick.

ANATOMY MEDIA INC. is an entertainment marketing and promotion agency founded by Mark Valentine and Gabriella Mirabelli in 2000. Our production office is located in New York City near Times Square. We’re best known for creating high-end trailers, TV spots and marketing films. We partner with top media brands like Discovery, FX, National Geographic, NBC and USA Network.

Today, we live in a world with many screens, many devices and many choices. Brands and content need marketing materials that are carefully and thoughtfully produced to find desired audiences and resonate in lasting, memorable ways.

What sets us apart? We add value to the creative process by combining a deep understanding of brand marketing with high-level production expertise. We help brands solve business problems and achieve goals with practical solutions.

We put great emphasis on being flexible, efficient and resourceful. We push to deliver the best possible creative work under any circumstances. We seek to develop mutually rewarding creative partnerships built over time.

We manage projects from start to finish, or any service in-between.

Content Strategy
Creative Development
Creative Editorial
Motion Design
Sound Design
Project Management