Animal Kingdom Teasers

“Preys Together :10”

“Preys Together :20”





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About the Project

We joined forces with the TNT team to create short, engaging teasers to promote the launch of the TNT original series, Animal Kingdom. The show chronicles the crime-filled workings of a fractious family dealing with the internal and external fallout of their actions.

Ellen Barkin plays the equally protective and manipulative den mother to a group of felonious boys played by Scott Speedman, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary and Finn Cole.

Did you know?
The Animal Kingdom series is a remake of the 2010 Australian film by the same name. However, viewers can rest assured the series will stand in its own right. SPOILER ALERT: Producer, John Wells, said in an interview with L.A. Times “Quite frankly, half the characters were dead at the end of the movie and that makes it more difficult to do an ongoing series if everyone is being killed.”