Jeremy Irons


Blenheim Films


  • Creative Direction
  • Scripting
  • Editorial
  • Sound Design
  • Finishing
  • Project Management


Garry Waller

Sound Mix


About the Project
The world is in heaps of trouble. Each year, we throw away 58 billion disposable cups alone. Jeremy Irons reveals the sobering truths behind the global waste problem as it increasingly threatens our air, land and water in the feature length documentary Trashed.

We were honored to collaborate with filmmakers Candida Brady and Titus Ogilvy on this important project. This trailer was created to coincide with the film’s world premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival.

This project left a lasting impression and inspired us to be more aggressive about reducing our own waste.

Special thanks to Garry Waller. Garry designed the motion graphics for the film and the trailer.

10 Ways You Can Save the Planet

Use reusable shopping bags. Bring your own bags every time you shop.
Buy fresh local produce. Processed and non-local foods require more energy to produce and transport.
Drink from reusable cups. Stop using plastic, paper or Styrofoam cups.
Stop using bottled water. Bottle your own water with a reusable water bottle.
Reuse and repurpose. Donate clothes to charities. Post used furniture on Craigslist.
Recycle batteries and electronics. Find a place in your area to take your batteries and electronics to keep them out of the landfill.
Save water. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. And fix that dripping tap!
Turn off lights, computers and electronics when not in use. Save money on your electricity bill and save the environment. Did you know that most of the electricity in the US is generated from coal-fueled power plants?
Walk and bike more. Drive less. Save fuel, save money and get some exercise. What could be better?
Consume less. Do you really need it?