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Sound Mix

Clean Cuts

About the Project
Disaster strikes during a routine space mission and Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalksi find themselves stranded and struggling to find a way home. When Gravity first landed on FX we produced the spots for the World Broadcast Premiere.

Did you know?
– About 60% of the film was shot in what is now known as the “Light Box.” The box was a hollow 9×9 cube, raised on a 6-foot high platform and fitted with 1.8 million individually controlled bulbs. Since the lighted animation footage had to match the live-action footage, the light box could match the correct lighting perfectly.
– Since space exists in a vacuum it is completely devoid of sound. Director, Alfonso Cuarón, kept this in mind, so whenever viewers hear sound it is only the sound that characters are hearing reverberating through their suits.

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