Men In Black 3




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  • Sound Design
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Sound Mix


About the Project
When Men In Black 3 first debuted on television, we produced the spots for the world broadcast premiere on FX. Agent J (Will Smith) travels back in time to alter history after an alien kills his partner, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). Josh Brolin stars as the young Agent K. Speaking of time travel, does Will Smith ever age? Seriously.

Did you know?
– This is the first Men In Black movie in which Will Smith did not release an original song. Pitbull recorded “Back In Time” specifically for the film.
– Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Tim Burton, Bill Gates and Yao Ming are all categorized as aliens in the MIB database.
– Though the film takes place 43 years into the past, Josh Brolin, who plays the young Agent K, is only 21 years younger than Tommy Lee Jones. Hmmmm. Now THAT is weird.

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