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Sound Mix


About the Project
When Oblivion first aired on television, we produced the spots for the world broadcast premiere on FX. Tom Cruise stars as a drone repairman stationed on Earth 60 years after the planet was destroyed by aliens. He discovers human survivors which makes him question everything he thought to be true.

Did you know?
– Director Joseph Kosinski and Cinematographer Claudio Miranda had previously teamed up on TRON: Legacy. In Oblivion, they decided not to use traditional blue or green screens for the windows of the main interior due to the complications caused by shiny surfaces. Backgrounds of clouds were filmed at different times of the day and projected onto large screens outside the windows.
– Disney had initially secured the rights to the script in a heated auction. However, after realizing the script would need several plot revisions to meet a PG rating, the rights were acquired by Universal.
– Tom Cruise is actually a licensed pilot and his input aided in the design of the controls used in the bubble ship cockpit.

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