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Sound Mix

Clean Cuts

About the Project
No ship. No help. No hope of rescue. Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone on her first shuttle mission that suddenly unravels and she is forced to combat one insurmountable obstacle after another.

We teamed with FXX to produce spots promoting the Gravity movie presentation. To complement the quirkiness of the network, we experimented with voice over as sound design. Hear anything?

Did you know?
– In the opening sequence when Kowalski flies close to the camera, astronauts holding a camera and boom mic appear to be reflected on his helmet visor. This was done intentionally to make it look like the movie was actually filmed in space and that the post-production team forgot to digitally paint-out the reflections.
– The film took 4.5 years to make. The animation process alone took 2.5 years before shooting with actors. Often, the only real elements in the shots were George Clooney’s and Sandra Bullock’s faces.

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