PromaxBDA Conference
2018 Hot Spots Session

Deadline Extension

May 4, 2018

Video Specs

Apple ProRes 422 HQ
or Avid DNxHD
(broadcast quality)

HD 1920×1080, 1280×720
Native frame rate.
Progressive preferred.
Interlaced accepted.

Audio Specs

Stereo audio only.
5.1 not accepted.
High quality, 48K.
16 or 24 bit.

File Size

No file size limit.

Dan Bragg and Mark Valentine return for another round of Hot Spots, the annual PromaxBDA Conference session featuring many of the most creative and inspiring spots of the year.

What to Submit
Any spot produced between June 2017 and April 2018. 90 seconds or less. This session is NOT part of the awards competition – PromaxBDA award entries are accepted. No fee is required.

How Many to Submit
You may submit up to 5 of your favorite spots, please no more.

Please Remember
No commercials for consumer products/services unless they’re co-branded with media brands.
No marketing reels, title sequences, graphic packages or design montages. Spots only!

Selection Process
We receive over 1200 submissions every year. All entries are reviewed, but due to time constraints, only 40 to 50 spots will appear in the final session. Spots will be grouped into categories. Categories change from year to year based on the submissions. Categories from past sessions include Brand Image, ID’s, Show Launches, Holiday, Special Events, News, Sports, Movies, Visual Effects, Ad Sales Stunts, Co-Branded, Interstitials, Comedy, Great Concepts, Writing, Sound Design, Music, Editing, Design and Live-Action.

How To Submit
Please submit each spot as its own Quicktime file. Please include one text document that contains a list of all the spots you are submitting along with contact information (name, phone, email).

All entries should be exported from first frame of spot to last frame of spot. No bars, slates or black. No vendor bugs. Spots should be submitted as they originally aired. If the spot is not natively in the English language, please provide a version with English subtitles.

Spots may be uploaded to or the cloud service of your choice. Please send us the download information if you are using your own server.

Please call Valeria Merced +1 (212) 944-5510


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