Sci-Fi Anthem




  • Creative Direction
  • Scripting
  • Editorial
  • Motion Design
  • Sound Design
  • Finishing
  • Project Management

Sound Mix


About the Project
Science turned to us to create a cinematic anthem showcasing some of the most popular science fiction series on television. We designed special graphics to tie together scenes from Firefly, Dollhouse, Terra Nova and Fringe.

The swirling cosmic nebulas were built from scratch. They contain a high level of detail and required several overnight renders. Once the nebulas were ready, we added animated typography displaying marquee names and phrases. Camera moves were choreographed to create the impression of traveling through space. As the camera flies closer to the text, the letters deconstruct into a series of moving points connected by thin lines for a techie, futuristic feel. We also applied the graphic look to the Science logo affectionately known as “Morph.”

Pop quiz: What do Firefly, Dollhouse, Terra Nova and Fringe have in common?
Answer: They all first aired on FOX.