Outrageous Acts of Psych




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About the Project
Human behavior can be surprising and often hard to predict. Outrageous Acts of Psych takes the hidden-camera phenomenon to the next level by moving experiments out of the lab and into the real world. We worked with Science to produce a special show trailer for advertisers.

Secret cameras reveal whether people will pay for a VIP experience at a bus stop or a laundromat, or whether men or women are more likely to take a food sample from a person wearing a hazmat suit. Throughout the show, psychologists and human behavior experts offer insights into why we do the things we do.

Did you know?
We experience memories of events like little movie clips that play back in our minds. And we tend to think of those memories as being stored in entirety and never changing. But according to neurologists, that’s not what really happens. Our memories are actually reconstructed every time we think of them. They aren’t movie clips that are stored in the brain like files in a filing cabinet. They’re nerve pathways that fire each time we remember the event. That’s why our memories can change over time.