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About the Project

Animal Kingdom marks TNT’s latest foray into edgier scripted television. The series has received critical acclaim from Season Zero, Indie Wire and more – praising the entertainment value coupled with the dark and gritty content.

In order to continue the positive momentum, TNT invited us to create spots showcasing the adrenaline-filled family to promote the series’ debut.

The series premiered June 14th and according to ratings released by TV By The Numbers, Animal Kingdom landed in the Top 25 cable shows for June 13-19 in Live+3 adults 18-49.

Did you know?
– Animal Kingdom reunites executive producers John Wells and Jonathan Lisco on TNT, who previously co-produced the Southland series.
– The original Animal Kingdom film was inspired by real events surrounding the Melbourne-based Pettingill family.
– In the real life Australian crime family, the matriarch has one glass eye after having lost an eye after being shot in the face. Ellen Barkin, who plays the show’s matriarch, has admitted to trying to convince writers, John Wells and Jonathan Lisco, to letting her have a glass eye.