Research Services

We use the power of data analytics to give world-class television networks and media brands a competitive edge and increase return-on-investment. We enhance digital video strategy, improve capital allocation, and custom-build benchmarking tools for competitive analysis.

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Our Process



We assess brand performance across digital or social channels by crafting an audit to suit the needs of our clients by using a data mining process, audience surveys, or third-party data.



We conduct rigorous data analysis to identify strategic opportunities for our clients to improve digital performance.



We deliver detailed assessments and forecasts to help media brands grow their audiences across digital or social channels.




Our Services

Social Video Strategy

Social video is an increasingly important touchpoint for media brands to promote content, but it is often underutilized. Our research helps brands optimize social video strategy by assessing content, packaging, and analytics across social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube.

Competitive Benchmarking

We track TV networks and media brands using data mining techniques across digital channels, from social media to web design to SEO to digital marketing. Our benchmark assessments help brands assess digital strengths and weaknesses relative to industry peers.

Market Research

To better understand audiences, we conduct targeted surveys to improve marketing messaging, assess brand perception, and evaluate trends in viewing behavior.

Data Analysis

We understand that the future of business is data-driven; we help media brands make better use of internal data.


The ANATOMY of Social

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